Nursing is No Longer an Option

I’ve wanted to be a nurse for 2 years, since I first put in an airway adjunct in a dummy in my Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course back in 2014.


There’s too many things….

I have a lot on my brain:

  • Fitness
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Hobbies
    • shooting
    • fishing
  • Education:
    • EMS
    • Biblical scholarship
  • Family time
  • Work

I really have no idea how to organize myself: paper calendar or digital? Strict schedule or flexible? Where should my priorities be?

There are many things I am interested in, and I need to find a way to plan at least a portion of it…..I’m leaning towards a paper calendar system since I tend to work best with ideas and concepts taking up physical space – and use the digital side for more cataloguing/feedback.

….yes, this post is a bit pointless, but it’s my blog. 😀